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Heilan Toys N Collectables proudly present and open the pre-order book for our next commission we are working on in collaboration with Tekno!

This time round we bring a new casting to the miniature world! A brand new die-cast 3 axle drag trailer, a project which we have been working on over the past several months.

Philip Judge International; Scania S Series Wagon and Drag complete with hay load will be available in mid 2021 as the first hay wagon and drag available for the UK collectors market.

This stunning fully loaded  S Series has an array of custom parts being developed to ensure we can get as much detail as possible when we scale this down to the 1/50 scale.

To secure your model we kindly ask for a £50 deposit and we expect to release this model in mid 2021 with a expected retail price of around £215 (exchange rate dependant) Any deposit will be deducted from the final invoice upon release.